Renowned for their unearthly vocal blend and virtuosic ensemble singing, the four women who comprise Anonymous 4 combine musical, literary, and historical scholarship with contemporary performance intuition as they create ingeniously designed programs, interweaving music with poetry and narrative. Anonymous 4 performs in major cities throughout North America, including New York, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, and Toronto, among others. Celebrated regulars at major international festivals, Anonymous 4 has appeared throughout Europe, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong.  Recently branching out into the realm of contemporary music, Anonymous 4 has premiered works by John Tavener, Steve Reich, and Richard Einhorn. The ensemble has appeared on a wide range of radio and television programs, including Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion," CBS Sunday Morning," and A&E's "Breakfast With the Arts." Anonymous 4's award-winning recordings of medieval music  have attained unprecedented popularity, rising to the top of Billboard's classical chart, and selling over a million copies worldwide.

SUSAN HELLAUER was born and raised  in the beautiful Bronx, New York, where she rooted for the Yankees, played knock hockey, and brought various minor forms of disgrace to her Catholic school uniform. After high school was finished with her, she earned a B.A. in music from Queens College as a trumpet player. An increasing fascination with medieval and Renaissance vocal music led her to convert to singing, and to pursue degrees in musicology from Queens College and Columbia University. Susan handles Anonymous 4's music research, and, when not buried in the library, she practices Aikido (a Japanese martial art), plays in her local concert band (“somebody has to play third trumpet”), and rearranges the contents of her little house, despite the affectionate apathy of her family and pets.

JOHANNA MARIA ROSE spent her childhood in the village of Grand-View-on-Hudson (a stone’s throw away from New York City), reading lots of children’s books and fairy tales, putting pennies on the railroad tracks, and looking for sea glass and stones at the river’s edge.  While putting in her time as a Manhattanite, she earned a degree in voice from the Manhattan School of Music, as well as studying acting.  A long-standing love of early music then led her to an MFA in the Performance of Medieval and Renaissance Music from Sarah Lawrence College.  Her various hats in Anonymous 4 include sharing the work on language pronunciation research, adapting readings for the concert programs, and new music commissions. Having escaped from the city, she now lives in a house from the 1830s (in which there is not a single straight edge), not far from the scene of her childhood.  She spends happy hours in her little garden, trying to deter the woodchucks from eating all her flowers, the squirrels from demolishing the birdseed in her birdfeeder, and the woodpeckers from drilling holes in the eaves.

MARSHA GENENSKY grew up in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, only a two-mile walk from the Pacific Ocean. She moved a little bit farther east to pursue a B.A. in music and folklore at Scripps College, and a lot farther east in order to pursue an M.A. in folklore and folklife at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally a traditional folksinger, she was enthralled by her first encounters with medieval and Renaissance vocal music, and eventually moved north to New York, where she found others who loved it just as much as she did. With Johanna, she handles the language research and writes and adapts the readings for Anonymous 4's concert programs. Marsha has never lost her childhood love of sunny days and fantastic sunsets; it's no accident that her windows look westward over the Hudson River.

JACQUELINE HORNER comes from a little village called Monkstown, in Northern Ireland, but she always had dreams of living in the big city. After getting a Joint Honors degree in Music and English from Queens University Belfast she moved to London and became a professional singer known for her willingness to sing all types of contemporary music, especially opera. Her roles included an 8-year-old girl, Jackie Kennedy and a sheep. She then moved to New York thanks to winning a Green Card in the U.S. lottery and is delighted to be living in the greatest city in the world (in her humble opinion.) She is one of the people in charge of new music commissions for Anonymous 4, and when she is not busy with that (and her duties as travel girl) she can usually be found reading a book on some aspect of Egyptology, or exploring the delights of her adopted city.

Molly, like Susan, was born in the beautiful Bronx, New York.  She was found there, wandering the streets, by a kindly person.  She ended up at Bide-a-Wee (a shelter for unwanted pets), where Susan and her family found her and immediately fell in love with her.  And the rest is herstory.

Emma Roseis a female reincarnation of Tigger, Marsha's childhood cat. She was found wandering outside Marsha's building by her next-door neighbor, when she was only 8 months old. She gets her first name from Susan, who once considered "Emma" as a possible name for her daughter (who is actually called Rachel). She gets her second name from Johanna's vet, who examined her and kept her for a short time: When Marsha  picked her up, she found that the vet had taped to her carrying case "Emma Rose."  Emma enjoys her many smaller toys, but her favorite is Ernie, the 6'1" mouse.